Purchasing an instrument can be very intimidating! There are so many options available online and in music stores. I’m here to help you decide what ukulele will work best for you! There quite a few things to consider when purchasing a ukulele but we’re going to narrow it down to two things. Quality and price. It is possible to get a great ukulele for around $50. It’s also possible to get a not so great ukulele for around $50. So let’s jump in with a few ukuleles that are quality and won’t break the bank!

This is a great beginner ukulele! This is an acoustic only, mahogany body, ukulele. It will be sure to stay in tune and sound great!

Maybe you’ve seen our blog post on what acoustic guitar should you purchase? Donner made that list too! Donner does a great job of making quality instruments at a really affordable price. This is a concert size Ukulele with a mahogany body. This ukulele will have a great tone and durability. 

The Lohanu ukulele is an acoustic and electric ukulele. This means you can plug it into a sound system, audio interface, or amplifier. If you think you’ll need to plug your ukulele in, you may want to consider purchasing a ukulele with built-in electronics.  

Three great options at three different price points. I hope this helps as you start your ukulele playing adventure! Whichever ukulele you end up getting, I’m sure you’ll love playing your instrument! It’s so much fun to pick up and strum along to your favorite songs. If you don’t know where to start with learning the ukulele, check out our ukulele 101 course page!