In my last post, I mentioned procrastination. This is a subject I feel I can talk on because I am a procrastinator. Oh man, am I a procrastinator! In high school, if I had two weeks to do a report I would typically start that report a day or two before the deadline. Not a great way to get through English class! As each day passed and the deadline got closer I would feel the extra pressure and anxiety of getting the report started/finished. I’ve learned to handle my daily tasks better since I was in high school but that doesn’t mean I’ve completely stopped putting things off until “tomorrow”.

After years of leading worship full-time I have had the following conversation countless times:

Someone from the congregation: “I wish I would have learned how to play guitar (or bass guitar, drums, keys, or learn to sing) when I was younger. I would love to be part of this team.”

Me: “It’s never too late to start!”

Them: “I just don’t think I could figure it out now.”

Me: “Oh, I think you could figure it out. It will take time but you can still learn!”

Them: “Well I can’t now…*lists excuses*

Me: “Let me know when you’re ready to learn and I’ll help you get started!”

It’s unfortunate that we put things off until “tomorrow” for so long that we don’t think we can achieve that goal anymore. I totally understand that days are busy and things can get prioritized for you, but maybe reaching for these things you’ve always wanted to do is a good thing. It might be where some magic happens in your life. What if we stop putting off until tomorrow and we start working towards our goals today?

Like I tell people when they come to talk to me after services: “It’s never too late to start!”